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Punch Quest, a side-scrolling “endless puncher” from Rocketcat Games and Madgarden, is now available from the app store. Featuring Rocketcat’s usual retro pixelated graphics, exciting gameplay, and tons of hats, Punch Quest is yet another terrific release that has kept us glued to our iDevice.
Punch Quest Review Pros:
  • Retro pixelated presentation with multiple enemies, collectible skills, and randomized branching pathways
  • Soundtrack is catchy and upbeat
  • Controls are simple to use, utilizing 2 buttons for multiple maneuvers
  • Fun mission system and generous coin distribution make for fresh gameplay options
  • GameCenter integration provides global leaderboards and nearly 2 dozen achievements to earn
Punch Quest Review Cons:
  • Difficult to string together lengthy punch chains
  • Getting into double digit levels has proved challenging
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Punch Quest has a distinctly Jetpack Joyride-like vibe, from its opening moments where the protagonist bursts through a wall and takes out a group of skeletons to the various quests available to complete to its loot-collecting focus that allows you to purchase various skills and apparel.
However, Punch Quest goes above and beyond, throwing a ton of crazy stuff at you and offering a three-tiered skill system that directly affects the way you play the game. As you progress, you fill a bar with three distinct thresholds along the screen bottom. As you hit each threshold, you activate your equipped Level 1 power, Level 2 power, or Super Move.
These skills range from a blocking defense mechanism to extended fighting range to temporary invincibility and much more. You purchase these skills with money earned during gameplay, which is doled our generously. Prices of items are kept low enough that you’ll be able to purchase new things without a great deal of grinding or the need to turn to IAP. Persistent upgrades and one-time boosts can also be purchased.


Additionally, there is a great variety of enemy types to deal with, mini-bosses to fight, and path randomization that allows you to choose different branches that focus on fighting, treasure, eggs, and more. The control scheme for dealing with all of this insanity is kept dead simple.
Tap the button on the left for a leaping uppercut or tap the button on the right for a vicious jab. Stringing together a series of continual punches will increase a multiplier that drives up your score, helping you to level up and earn even more points. You have 5 hearts worth of health, losing a heart for each hit you take.
Certain power-ups or items can add armor to hearts, giving you additional health, in effect. To block, simply hold both buttons at the same time. You can perform slams by tapping the uppercut button while airborne and even string together combo moves by tapping one button after the other. The auto-running has a good sense of speed, though you’ll need to avoid the hesitation brought on by blocking in order to clear some gaps with your uppercut maneuver.


Graphically, Punch Quest utilizes the same retro pixilated look that made Rocketcat’s other games so appealing. Animations are great, with plenty of cool bony explosions and characters sent careening into each other. Enemy types have a distinct look that makes them easy to distinguish from one another as you determine the best course of action to use in dispatching them.
You can customize the protagonist’s hair, skin, armor, and hat colors and styles. The soundtrack is catchy and upbeat, adding to the overall presentation. Replay value is off the chain, as we can’t seem to put it down. The fantastic action, collectible skills and upgrades, loads of quests, customization options, and ridiculously fun scenarios make this a must-have offering. At the goes-down-easy price of FREE (very optional IAPs only), Punch Quest is a knockout 5-Dimple experience.

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