iPhone free commands and activities

iphone commands

iPhone 3G Commands

 Here is a list of the iPhone tricks that you can do to make using the iPhone 3G a little faster and a little easier. 

  • Double tap the space bar when typing to do a full stop then space
  • Need to insert or modify a letter in amazing you typed? Hold your finger over the word and a magnifying glass will appear. You can scroll to the right area of the word and make the appropriate changes.
  • Double tap the shift key to enable caps lock
  • Hold the ".com" button to get other common extensions (.net, .edu and .org)
  • Hold on a letter to get character accents
  • If needing one number or symbol mid typing hold the @123 key then drag to the number or symbol without lifting your finger. Once the figure is selected the keyboard will go without delay back to the alphabetical QWERTY keyboard.
Home Screen
  • To move icons around on the home screen hold the icons until they shake. You can then drag them around or delete them if you no longer want them. Press the home key to save the rearranged setout.
  • You can move among home screens by rhythm on the dots at the bottom (will move right if tapping on the right of the dots or left if beating the left of the dots).
  • To add a webpage to your home screen, open the web page in Safari, click on the + sign and then select add to home screen.
  • To improve the look of the web page icon zoom to a logo or something similar then click the + button (the icon is a snapshot of the part of the page you are currently viewing)
Phone Calls
  • Press the Sleep/Wake button once when there is an received call to silence it
  • When in a call press the home key to go to the home screen (can look at email etc at the same time as still on a call)
  • Press the Sleep/Wake button twice when there is an incoming call to send directly to voice mail (useful in meetings where you forgot to revolve the phone to silent)
  • Click on the top of the screen in safari to return to the top of the webpage
  • To scroll in frame what is not showing scroll bars, put two fingers together and you can scroll
  • Hold on an image to save it to your camera turn
Home Key
  • Double tap the home key to bring up your favourites (or other assigned function in settings)
  • When listening to the ipod in another application double tap the home key to bring up controls for the ipod.
  • Hold the home key and press the sleep switch to take a photo of the current screen
  • Hold the home key and sleep/wake button for about 10 seconds to revive the iphone (helpful if an application has unmoving)
Phone Information
  • Dial *#06# to bring up your IMEI number
  • To bring up a field test menu dial *3001#12345#* then press call
  • Delete an email or letter quickly by a steal across the message (works with videos too!)
Double tap on a video to zoom in to remove the black bars