March on Oz iPhone Review

March on Oz iPhone Review

March on Oz iPhone game Review

Gorgeous presentation; fun; accessible gameplay; lots of levels Slow to start; clunky, overdone dialogue An excellent and meaty take on Plants vs. Zombie-style gameplay with a terrific sense of fun style.

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March on Oz iPhone game Overview

March on Oz is a iphone game that will probably seem immediately familiar to most gamers. Get past the frequently overdone story-telling elements, which make the game take much longer to get going than it should be, and the similarities to Plants vs Zombies are undeniable. You’ll be placing units along rows to defeat enemies who come down those same rows, while waiting for your energy-producing units to provide more resources for conjuring up more troops.
This isn’t a bad thing though. The game is instantly accessible and looks terrific. March on Oz takes a distinct look at the classic fantasy world, and introduces a new robotic enemy that provides an excuse to use characters that in the movie and stories are frequently at odds. An interesting element is that you create a character from scratch. Players decide the gender and look of their Oz traveler, and then are transported into the magical realm just in time to find a war brewing.

Trouble on the yellow brick road.
With help from a good witch, the game guides players down the famous brick road, where new and old characters are waiting to be met and recruited to battle over 50 levels of enemies. Riflemen, witches, flying monkeys, energy-producing bakers, and various other units are all at your disposal against an array of humorously strange and usually metallic bad guys.
Developer City State Entertainment has gone out of their way to include a lot of content in March of Oz. There are mini-games to break up the battle levels, an adventure mode level editor, multiple difficulty options, and the promise over new levels and updates in the near future (which will be free for the paid version). More importantly, the visual panache and quirky units make the game a lot of fun to watch.
We would have preferred a quicker pace at the start of the game-- most players won’t need the level of in-depth tutorials and extraneous, questionably written dialogue that slow the opening to a crawl. Beyond that, however, this is an excellently produced take on familiar gameplay. The graphics are gorgeous, the gameplay is accessible, and there’s plenty of content, making it a worthwhile purchase.

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