Tempe Run iPhone review

Tempe Run iPhone review
Temple Run is a free iPhone (and iPad) app developed by Imangi Studios with full game controls and amazing upgrade features.

This week's iPhone app is Temple Run, an endless treasure hunting game where the hero gets chased by monsters as he jumps over cliffs, slides under fire traps, and collects gold coins along narrow ancient trails. Developed by Imangi Studios, Temple Run is one of those free iPhone games that actually give you a lot of controls. Five controls, to be specific, in the free app version: swipe up to jump, swipe down to slide, swipe right to turn right, swipe left to turn left, and tilt iPhone left or right to collect coins. The tutorial is enabled  only during the first launch  of the app but it can be turned on again by going to the Main Menu > Options.

Temple Run free app version has 36 Objectives. These objectives start easy: Novice Runner, where yo have to run 500 meters without dying; Pocket Change, where you have to collect a total of 100 coins; and Adventurer, were you have to score 25,000 points - 100 points is earned every time the meter is filled full and the meter is filled incrementally each time you collect coins. The harder objectives are 5 Million Club, where you have to score 5,000,000 points; The Spartan, where you have to earn 1 Million points without using Powerups - Powerups are gears and cheats that you can buy from the Temple Run Store with the coins that you have collected; and the ultimate 10 Million Club, where you have to score 10,000,000 points.

Other stuffs you can buy from the Temple Run Store are Powerups: Invisibility, 250-m Boost, Double Value coins after 1500 meters; and Utilities: Resurrection, Boost 1000 meters at start of game, Mega Boost 2500 meters at start of game. You can even change your Character. You can select from: Guy Dangerous (default - spell Indiana Jones); Scarlett Fox, a cunning escape artist (also a redhead); Barry Bones, a city cop with an attitude; Karma Lee, the fastest legs in the Far East; Montana Smith, the second greatest explorer ever; Francisco Montoya, the conquistador, and Zack Wonder, the football star. All these characters can be unlocked with a corresponding price. You can even download Temple Run Wallpapers for 5,000 coins and it will be automatically saved in your Camera Roll album. A Stats is kept for your character which contains your Highest Score, Longest Run, and Most Coins records.

There are also several ways to die in Temple Run: if you jumped or fall on the waters, you'll be fed to the alligators; if you hit a rock; if you get burned by the fire traps; if you failed to dock and got your head cut off by an overgrown tree; and if you jumped short and fall down the cliff.

Temple Run hint: each time you hit on the walls of the trail, or almost miss a cliff, the monsters reappear to chase you. If you hit and almost miss again before the monsters disappear, they catch and eat you, and game over. I'm betting Temple Run will make it to the top iTunes Apps at the end of 2012. Download your free app now.


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