Table Top Racing Announced

Who doesn’t enjoy a little vehicular combat every now and then? Playrise, a studio started by a co-creator of the Wipeout series, has just announced that their first title will be Table Top Racing, a game inspired by Micro Machines and Mario Kart. Read on for details and screenshots.

In accordance with its title, the game takes place on eight miniature tracks set in familiar household locations. You control a tiny vehicle, racing and doing battle against other small automobiles, using an array of weapons and power-ups. The game has 10 cars that can be repainted and adjusted in an in-game shop. It has are six gameplay modes, including Hot-Lap, Speed-Trial, Combat, Pure Race, Pursuit, and Eliminator. You can even do online multiplayer races over Game Center.

The developer hasn’t decided on a price yet, but the game will be available early next month.


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