Pulse News iphone app review

Pulse News iPhone app gives you access to news from your favorite sources in a neatly organized panel. With Pulse News in your iPhone, you won't have to manually open websites of your favorite news sources in your one by one - it brings them all to you in one page.

Pulse News iPhone app screen shots.
The Pulse News iPhone App has customization tools so you can select and add your favorite news sources.

Pulse News iPhone app lets you customize your news by browsing through its existing news sources catalog, and touching the "add" button. All the news sources that you add can be seen in the app's Home page, which you can browse vertically (to see your complete news source choices) and horizontally (articles and updates from each news source). You can even add more pages so you can  organize news in categories. This app also lets you add a pre-filled page called a "pack" for news categories like Technology, News & Analysis, Business, Entertainment, and more. With Pulse News, you never have to miss your daily dose of news - plus it let's you do news reading in style.


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