Power Rangers Legends game Review

So we’ve apparently reached a point where we can consider the “Infinity Blade style” a thing now. For better or worse the game has changed the face of iOS gaming and there’s going to be a lot of imitators. Some, like Avengers Initiative or Dark Meadow, have been fairly successful.
And on the other end of the spectrum we have games like Power Rangers: Legends, which is a shallow, boring experience.

Power Rangers Legends Review

In Power Rangers: Legends you play as the spandex clad space-warriors as they defend the Earth from the evil Lord Zedd and Goldar. If those names don’t mean anything to you, don’t fret.
Since Legends doesn’t even make the slightest attempt to do anything interesting with the property, it hardly makes any difference who the villains or heroes are.

Power Rangers Legends gameplay

Like putty in your hands.
The Power Rangers Legends game plays pretty much exactly like Infinity Blade.
You have buttons for dodging, blocking and special attacks and you swipe on the screen to perform moves like attacking and parrying. The main problem here is that the combat is so dull and the controls so bad that making any kind of progress is going to be a frustrating combination of luck and sheer perseverance.
The buttons are barely responsive and the game seems to register our swipes for attacking on a seemingly random basis.
Even if the buttons worked well, it really wouldn’t make a difference as combat is just beyond boring. A typical battle goes like this: your enemy appears on screen and stands around for a while, kind of swaying back and forth like he’s drunk.
When he decides to do something, the attacks come so slowly that you’d swear you were fighting under water. The funny thing is that since the controls are such a disaster, even enemies moving in slow-motion can be shockingly deadly. There are special attacks and power moves available but they rarely add anything to the coma inducing skirmishes you’ll be putting yourself through.

Power Rangers Legends review

Power Rangers Legends game issues

Power Rangers also crashes on a fairly regular basis.
We played the game on both an iPhone 4S and iPad2, and the game would quit on us quite often.
When power house games like Infinity Blade 2 can be played with no trouble at all for hours on end, Legends has no excuse for being so buggy. It also has really long load times, and since you’ll be dying a lot, you’ll be waiting quite a while to get back in the fray.

Power Rangers Legends a fan game

Power Rangers: Legends is a game for fans of the show and no one else. And even Power Rangers fans might be disappointed by what is essentially a cheap knockoff of far superior games. The game is simply terrible and should be avoided by everyone.


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