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Arc Squadron iPhone game Review

Arc Squadron iPhone game Review

Some of the best graphics you’ll ever see for iOS; butter smooth controls; huge campaign with lots of bonus levels; engrossing, vivid and addicting gameplay; ample ways to customize and upgrade your ship We haven’t heard about a sequel yet There are no two ways about this. Everyone needs to play Arc Squadron, and they need to play it now.
It’s always kind of thrilling to see a company knock it out of the park with their debut title on a platform. Psyonix Games-- contributors to console title like Homefront and Bulletstorm-- have released Arc Squadron, a gorgeous and intense new game for iOS that is exactly the kind of game that you would expect from a company that’s helped shape exciting and beautiful games in the past.
Arc Squadron falls very much into the same camp as games like StarFox. But here your nameless pilot presumably has far less hair and you don’t fly with teammates. You play as a space pilot (he/she actually doesn’t have a name and is only ever called pilot), who is a member of an elite flying unit. A malevolent race known as the Guardians is laying waste to the universe, and it’s your job to stop them. You’ll race through a massive campaign consisting of 64 levels, flying a bunch of different ships that wield a whole host of devastating weapons.

The iceman cometh.
If you’ve played games like Icarus-X or any of the Cave games like DoDonPachi Blissful Death, then you'll feel right at home with Arc Squadron’s controls. You move your ship by sliding your finger across the screen, and you can do barrel-rolls by quickly sliding your finger to one side. The game does the shooting for you, with the exception of secondary weapons, which you fire by tapping your finger on an enemy. The controls work remarkably well. The only times we had problems were when barrel-rolls didn’t go off as planned, or went off when we didn’t want them to. Other than those small inconveniences, the controls are so smooth that eventually your ship will feel like it’s merely an extension of your mind.
The game's 64 levels offer plenty to fight through, with boss battles scattered throughout. The levels are a lot of fun and the battles are intense, with devious enemy ships and traps that all have different kinds of attacks and require various tactics to work around. The boss battles are probably the most fun part of the game. The Guardians are huge, usually taking up the entire screen, and they all have bizarre, almost manga-like looks and fighting styles that will keep you guessing. Our favorite had to be “Clock Block”, which is essentially a flying, Victorian clock that shoots gears and laser beams at your ship. You think you’ve seen everything until a giant space-clock destroys an advanced fighting ship by hurling huge pendulums towards the screen.

Arc Squadron iPhone game Review

Try not to scratch the wings.
There are also challenge levels that are usually spaced out between the actual campaign levels. These are designed to be pure tests of skill. Some of them start you off with little to no health in an attempt to see how long you can survive against an onslaught of enemies, while others offer mere target practice. Still others are endless levels, where you have to fly for as long as you can while avoiding spinning blades of death and hangar doors which can close on you from random directions. These are a blast to play, and you can play through them again and again, honing your skills each time.
Between levels you can go to the hangar bay, where you can buy all kinds of goodies for your ship. There are a bunch of secondary weapons for you to buy, our favorite being the chain-lightning gun, which you can also upgrade to make more powerful and have shorter recharge times. You can also buy different paint jobs for your ship (and there are a lot to choose from) and better and more powerful ships as well.

Arc Squadron iPhone game Review

We definitely should've taken the toll road.
You start the game with a ship that was essentially cobbled together from spare parts, but eventually you can buy more advanced ships all the way up to one that was reverse-engineered from alien technology. You gain money (or Arc bucks) by finishing levels or accomplishing goals, and you can also spend real-world dough to get even more credits. But you accrue credits at such an accelerated rate that only the most impatient players will feel the need to plunk down any actual cash.
Arc Squadron is a revelation. It’s a game that truly exemplifies what can really be done on iOS if you’re willing to push the devices. We didn’t even mention the absolutely gorgeous graphics, which are some of the very best we’ve ever seen on iOS. And if we didn’t mention the spectacular visuals, then you know the actual gameplay has got to be amazing. This is one of the best, most refined gaming experiences you’ll ever have on your little phone or iPad. Arc Squadron is a Must Have for everyone. We can’t think of a single soul who would be disappointed by playing this space shooter.

Arc Squadron iPhone developer trailer

Heroes of Order & Chaos iphone Review

Heroes of Order & Chaos iphone Review

Heroes of Order and Chaos iPhone game Review

Outstanding tactical gameplay; free to download with almost no need to pay extra; gorgeous graphics; a wide range of playable characters; a MOBA first for iOS At launch, servers are more chaotic than orderly; your team's at a disadvantage if players quit; only one map each for 3v3 and 5v5 Gameloft's free-to-play strategy game feels epic and endless, even if it only gives you two maps to play with.
If you've been a lifelong fan of real-time strategy games like Warcraft and Starcraft, there's no question that you should download and start playing Heroes of Order and Chaos immediately.
This multiplayer online battle arena (or MOBA) strips out the tedious resource-collecting and base-building, and focuses solely on combat and teamwork. Even better, it's an entirely free download, with an active and engaged user base.
Heroes of Order and Chaos consists of just two maps, but they're beautifully rendered and offer seemingly limitless variety.
The 3v3 map is set on the border between a forest and a desert, so you can cross between craggy rocks and lush foliage as you lead a small army to war. The 5v5 map is much more complex, with three different routes and a tangle of pathways, some of which contain small packs of enemies that can be fought for extra experience points.

Heroes of Order and Chaos Review Rating

iphone game review 4 of 4 stars

As you and your fellow heroes (all live players or bots) roam the map, your base will send out bursts of minions, swordsmen, mages, and catapults - to attack the other team. You can choose to follow them, providing assistance and attempting to knock down a few enemy defenses along the way. Or, you can branch out on your own, locating separate encounters that will level up your character faster than just sticking to the front lines.
Combat in Heroes of Order and Chaos is a constant game of tactical decision-making.
Do you stick with your teammates to push overwhelmingly on one side of the map, or explore on your own?
Do you fall back just a little, or warp all the way to the beginning to recharge your health?
Do you develop a skill tree that makes you an aggressive, damage-dealing warrior, or do you buff up your companions with spells that provide magical defense boosts?
Heroes of Order and Chaos also has a unique method of letting you select your playable characters. Only six heroes will be available for free each week, but you can play with them as much as you like in that time. Each one has a completely different look, gameplay style, and set of abilities. You can also make an in-app purchase or use in-game currency to unlock more characters, which will then be available to you anytime.

Tremble before my blunderbuss.
In-game currency also lets you buy items that help you gain more experience points, which in turn let you lock in talent points to any character you happen to use. Talent points can make your axe's swings a little stronger, or make your character move a bit swifter. Some players might build up a slight advantage, but it's a good reward for playing consistently and doesn't seem to upset the game's balance.
Heroes of Order and Chaos, for all its complexity, does a great job of introducing new players to the MOBA concept. An offline tutorial teaches you the basic controls, and a few important strategies. You can also choose to play with a team of bots, so that your first-time mistakes don't impact a live team.

The floor is lava.
Between the tactical combat, the lush graphics, and wide range of playable characters, Heroes of Order and Chaos is an ambitious title. At launch, some of the servers couldn't handle the load, but if you're patient, you can still get a great game going with other engaged players. We do hope that more maps are introduced in the future, but for now, you're going to have a great time mastering the two that are available.
Heroes of Order and Chaos requires a good 30-40 minutes for each match, but it's a gripping, hard-fought battle with many different options for your character to pursue. It's rare to find a mobile game that offers such a thoroughly deep and engrossing experience, especially one that's online and free to download. Despite the server issues and fickle nature of online matches, Heroes of Order and Chaos is a clear Must Have for anyone who likes to think before they charge into battle. It may be the best strategy game of the year.

Heroes of Order & Chaos iPhone trailer

March on Oz iPhone Review

March on Oz iPhone Review

March on Oz iPhone game Review

Gorgeous presentation; fun; accessible gameplay; lots of levels Slow to start; clunky, overdone dialogue An excellent and meaty take on Plants vs. Zombie-style gameplay with a terrific sense of fun style.

March on Oz iPhone Review score

March on Oz iPhone game Overview

March on Oz is a iphone game that will probably seem immediately familiar to most gamers. Get past the frequently overdone story-telling elements, which make the game take much longer to get going than it should be, and the similarities to Plants vs Zombies are undeniable. You’ll be placing units along rows to defeat enemies who come down those same rows, while waiting for your energy-producing units to provide more resources for conjuring up more troops.
This isn’t a bad thing though. The game is instantly accessible and looks terrific. March on Oz takes a distinct look at the classic fantasy world, and introduces a new robotic enemy that provides an excuse to use characters that in the movie and stories are frequently at odds. An interesting element is that you create a character from scratch. Players decide the gender and look of their Oz traveler, and then are transported into the magical realm just in time to find a war brewing.

Trouble on the yellow brick road.
With help from a good witch, the game guides players down the famous brick road, where new and old characters are waiting to be met and recruited to battle over 50 levels of enemies. Riflemen, witches, flying monkeys, energy-producing bakers, and various other units are all at your disposal against an array of humorously strange and usually metallic bad guys.
Developer City State Entertainment has gone out of their way to include a lot of content in March of Oz. There are mini-games to break up the battle levels, an adventure mode level editor, multiple difficulty options, and the promise over new levels and updates in the near future (which will be free for the paid version). More importantly, the visual panache and quirky units make the game a lot of fun to watch.
We would have preferred a quicker pace at the start of the game-- most players won’t need the level of in-depth tutorials and extraneous, questionably written dialogue that slow the opening to a crawl. Beyond that, however, this is an excellently produced take on familiar gameplay. The graphics are gorgeous, the gameplay is accessible, and there’s plenty of content, making it a worthwhile purchase.

March on Oz iPhone trailer Review

Doomsday Preppers iPhone Review

Doomsday Preppers iphone
Doomsday Preppers hase a absolutely terrible framerate issues, crashes more often than a civilization ending meteor; mind-numbingly dull; after awhile you hit a brutal paywall Just don’t bother with this one.

Doomsday Preppers iPhone Review

Doomsday Preppers is one of those infamous reality TV shows that follows the lives of a series of unhinged individuals who, ironically enough, have a tenuous grasp on reality. This show’s “stars” are all people who think that the end is indeed nigh, and highlights their attempts to prepare for the end. G5 Games has made a freemium title for iOS that serves as a tie-in to the series and, oh irony of ironies, is a game that has a tenuous grasp on actually being a game.
Doomsday Preppers game takes the Tiny Towers template and turns it on its head. Literally. Instead of building to the sky, Doomsday Preppers has you building an underground bunker with different levels. The individual levels can be transformed into things every apocalypse survivor will need. Sleeping quarters, security rooms, gardens and rec rooms are just a few of the places you can build for your mole people. Afterall, who doesn’t need a foosball table while the sky is falling? As more people come to join your tribe, you can assign them to different rooms and different tasks.

Doomsday Preppers iPhone overview

A nuclear apocalypse is no excuse for bad Feng Shui.
You earn gold by producing items, and gold in turn is used to build new levels to your panic hole. Occasionally you’ll earn diamonds that will allow you to speed things up if you feel the need. And you will feel the need. Things happen so slowly in Doomsday Preppers game that you’ll be wondering just how far off the freaking end of the world is.
Most of our time “playing” this game would go like this: assign some tasks to our workers and put our device down while we would do the laundry, go see a movie or go to sleep, and then come back later to check their progress. Thankfully G5 has given us the option to spend exorbitant sums of our own money to make things go faster. That’s really swell of them. The iPhone game Doomsday Preppers also crashes on a pretty regular basis, and when it does all of your progress up to that point is erased.

Doomsday Preppers review

If that fish tank starts leaking, the medical bay is going to have a big, wet problem.
Doomsday Preppers is a boring, turgid, drudge of a iPhone game.
Unless you want to spend large sums of money, then you can’t possibly make any kind of reasonable progress. And we can’t possibly imagine why anyone would want to. Doomsday Preppers barely qualifies as an actual game.

Doomsday Preppers iPhone Review trailer

Milky Way iPhone wallpapers

Milky Way wallpapers, langit kilat, milky way malaysia, new milky way photo, best milky way

Milky Way wallpapers, langit kilat, milky way malaysia, new milky way photo, best milky way

Milky Way wallpapers, langit kilat, milky way malaysia, new milky way photo, best milky way

Milky Way wallpapers, langit kilat, milky way malaysia, new milky way photo, best milky way
Milky Way wallpapers. What is Milky Way. The Milky Way iphone free wallpapers to download.

KooZac iPhone game Review

KooZac - $0.99 game price

About KooZac iPhone game

Square Enix, a developer that is known for bringing some of the biggest and most ambitious titles to the App Store, rarely meddles with the standard pricing chart. From the various Final Fantasy titles to the iOS exclusive Chaos Rings series, a Square Enix game won't come cheaply. So when a casual game came out for $0.99, I was perplexed by their decision to try this new market instead of staying put in the area they are currently dominating.

In KooZac, the games takes on the classic brick falling system like in Tetris and removes the shapes and replaces it with numbers. Such a simple change makes for some exciting gameplay that had my brain working harder than even the most intense Tetris sessions. There is also three game modes with endless play taking a backseat to the standard mode with levels of increasing difficulty that are popular on the iOS platform. Those with Facebook can also access Blitz which pits you against your friends. All are great modes that do well to offer up their own unique take on the KooZac formula.

The aim of Koozac in puzzle mode is to clear the board of all the blocks that had already been placed prior to the level beginning. These are removed by placing blocks directly on top of them that add up to a designated number that changes after every move. You will be required to stack multiple blocks on top to equal the number and as levels progress in difficulty you will need to keep an eye on the cumulative number on towers. As blocks come at faster intervals and you have more on the screen it becomes a real micromanagement game as you quickly add up numbers to see if any tower will be cleared with your current move. Looking ahead to future numbers and targets is also needed for success, even if it is hard given the time restraints.

Finishing levels in a shorter amount of time will lead to more points which encourages replaying of levels. Of course, if you make your way through the entire puzzle mode and still are wanting for something more than there is always the endless mode to sink your teeth into. This mode removes the designated blocks to remove and instead gives you an empty slate to stick your teeth into as long as you can keep the blocks under the top bar. This mode does take a while and I don't find it as rewarding as the objective based levels, but those who truly love the KooZac formula will crave this mode.

Those who like the endless style but don't like the slow pacing brought with it will be better off logging onto Facebook and playing Blitz mode. This mode is essentially endless, but it lasts for 60 seconds only and blocks continually pop up from the bottom as well to create some fast paced, frantic action. It is a lot of fun to play and creates added pressure to quickly add up numbers.

The graphics are slick and while the touch controls aren't always as precise as you want them to be once the gameplay gets frantic, you shouldn't encounter many issues. This is an easy game for anyone to pick up and play right from the word go. Some future additions I'd like to see include a hardcore mode that maybe use multiplication and other methods either with addition or as a standalone thing. Those who want to take it to the next level could be tempted to return to this game for a whole new set of challenges in future updates.

Conclusion for KooZac iPhone game Review

For $0.99 you now expect to receive a fairly comprehensive package that will keep you coming back for more. KooZac does this with a strong emphasis on education while also keeping it addicting with this new, unique gameplay. Fans of Tetris or games that require fast decisions will absolutely love KooZac and shouldn't hesitate to pick up this game from the App Store.

Gameplay- 8.5/10
Graphics- 7/10
Controls- 7/10
Overall- 8/10
I would recommend this game if you enjoyed - Tetris

Radio Alarm Clock iPhone Review

Radio Alarm Clock for iPhone

The iPhone revolution has phased out so many stand alone devices that I can hardly remember what they were in the first place. I have not used a digital camera in years. I used to own a stand alone GSP device and a stand alone palm pilot calendar device. Nowadays those devices seem so archaic—but one device I didn’t realize I missed (until recently), is a stand alone radio alarm clock. So I was particularly excited to review Radio Alarm Clock by the developers at EnSight Media.

Radio Alarm Clock is an alarm clock app that lets you wake up to the radio. I haven’t owned an alarm clock for years, so I forgot how great it is to wake up listening to music — or other radio station if you prefer.
The app has thousands of web-based radio stations that you can listen to with the swipe of a few buttons.

Iphone Radio Alarm Clock has several ways explore the huge catalog of channels. Broadcast stations — those typically found on your AM and FM dial — that have a web feed are listed by location (Country > State). Browse stations from around the world or around the corner to start building a custom list of your favorites. Shoutcast stations are listed by genre and sub-genre.

Both Broadcast and Shoutcast stations are searchable by accessing the pull-down search bar at the top of the screen. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can also add a station. The key with adding custom stations is that you must enter the full URL for streaming (ie: http://talkstoryradio.net:9998) not just the URL of the website.
Radio Alarm Clock has style as well as functionality. The app is wonderfully designed to look like an old radio. Though not quite antique on all fronts, the theme is carried throughout the app in a way that provides a rich user experience. Knobs and buttons have satisfying click sounds and channels hiss between station changes. The normally crisp white of the iPhone’s Retina screen has been replaced with a softer antique coloring that is much easier on the eyes.
When it comes to usability, Radio Alarm Clock is anything but old-fashioned. The alarm clock has an array of features to help you wake up in the morning. Choose from default sounds like clock or garden noises, the radio, your mp3 library, or record a custom wake-up call. You can shake your phone to snooze the alarm, which is a fun feature — especially if you need to vent some frustration at having to wake up so early. The alarm lets you set the duration for each snooze, and also lets you limit the number of times you can actually snooze.

Overall I was impressed with the Radio Alarm Clock and found it well designed, easy to use and useful. The only issue I had with Radio Alarm Clock was that in order to find a station you have to know the call signal such as KXYZ as opposed to the channel on the dial. So I had to do a little extra work to figure out the call signal before I could find my preferred station.

Radio Alarm Clock is an app I would recommend to anyone that misses waking up to the radio, like we did way back in the early 2000s. It’s also a great choice for anyone simply looking for an alarm or radio station app.
Radio Alarm Clock offers a free ad-supported edition or a premium version that is ad-free. However, if you hurry, you can grab a copy of the premium version at no charge. (It’s a temporary price drop.) Radio Alarm Clock is definitely an app worth paying for, for free it’s a no-brainer.

Daisy Mae's Alien Buffet iPhone game Review

Daisy Mae's Alien Buffet cover

I could not help but preview this title. I absolutely love the name of this game, but did not expect this to be a dual stick shooter, more like a very odd time management cooking game. Daisy Mae's Alien Buffet iPhone game was launched in February 2010.

IUGO’s latest adventure on the iPhone, Daisy Mae’s Alien Buffet, offers over-the-top alien slaying. Check out the description and screens below:

Daisy Mae’s peaceful, simple life in her little desert trailer park will never be the same. A full scale alien attack on earth has begun and Daisy becomes the unlikely heroine outta nowhere. Take hold of the steering wheel and help Daisy Mae shoot and blast her way to victory in this fun and quirky dual stick shooter. Aliens: you have been served!

Daisy Mae's Alien Buffet Features:

  • More aliens than you can shake a stick at!
  • The baddest selection of weapons known to folks ‘round these here parts
  • Putty graphics and fancy sounds effects
  • Sassy costumes to unlock for Daisy Mae’s alien hoedown
  • Daisy Mae “taunt” moves to stun the aliens silly
  • Control options to suit every varmint’s needs
  • VIP points to be earned towards an additional costume
  • Global leaderboards
  • Auto save

Daisy Mae's Alien Buffet iPhone GamePlay

Daisy Mae's Alien Buffet game play

iPhone Online Poker Sites

The Apple iPhone shows no signs of slowing down both in sales and in popularity, much of that success is thanks to the massive library of apps that are available in the market for it. A lot of its users actually use their iPhones a lot more for playing games rather than using it as an actual phone, and that especially includes poker fans. While being able to access online poker websites is limited on the iPad and the iPhone, there are a lot of great poker apps available so any poker aficionado can enjoy the game they love wherever they are.

Apple has a very strict stand against apps for gambling, and if you are currently in the US you will have a lot more difficult time using your iPhone to play for real money with poker, as a lot of apps has not given the approval to be included in the App Store. The gambling apps that has been approved in the App store, are directed solely for iPhone users outside of the US. Also the lack of support for Flash in Apple devices makes it impossible to access a lot of the browser-based gambling clients available on the interenet, so users in the US will have to turn to free money play poker apps available that are abundantly available at the App store.

iPhone Online Poker Sites

Many poker apps that are now available includes variations of the games such as Apple's Texas Hold’em, where you get to play against various computer opponents from around the world. Like the majority of the poker apps, you will get the chance to test your poker skills against computer opponents, which have their own playing styles and tells that you’ll need to recognize in order to gain an advantage over these opponents. There are also a lot of poker utility apps for poker fans, such as training games, odds calculator and even poker timers to help you run your own home poker tourneys.

But if you want to play poker that is more similar to playing online (except for being able to play for real money, ofcourse) popular poker apps like Zynga Poker gives you the same experience of playing at online poker sites, the Zynga poker app lets you play against thousands opponents from around the world. You can compete in Sit'n'Go tournaments, and the advantage of having large network of users makes it easy to find a room, join in and play against any opponent any time of the day.

There are many choices out there for the iPhone user, but not many allow anything other than virtual currency to be used. Perhaps this is something that Apple should allow in the future if an adult's section is ever brought onto the App Store.

Battleship iPhone game review

Battleship iPhone game review

All hands to deck, Electronic Arts have announced that one of the most popular board games of all time is launching shortly on the App Store. Place your Submarine and hold on for the Battleship adventure.

Battleship iPhone game Description
Prepare your strategy and lead your troops to victory!
Use touch screen controls to place your ships, map your co-ordinates and fire at the enemy.
Destroy all the enemy ships to win.
Play new and fun modes including the quick-fire Salvo and heavy duty Super Weapons where you can use an arsenal of powerful weapons to defeat your opponent.
Use WiFi and Bluetooth multiplayer to take on friends and prove you are the ultimate naval tactician!

Battleship iPhone game Key Features
• Touch interface
• Different ways to play – Classic, Salvo and Super Weapons Modes
• Local two player Wifi and Bluetooth multiplayer

Kill The Badges Hack iPhone and iPad

There are plenty of things you can do in Notifications on your iPhone and iPad, but one of the best things you can do to eliminate constant distractions isn’to kill all notifications.
By doing that you wind up creating a whole ton of uncertainty on your mobile devices, which can actually distract you more.

Notifications aren’t evil. They don’t steal your time as much as you’d like to think because they come and go. They don’t remain omnipresent on your device as you try to go about getting done what you need to get done in the moment. There is a much bigger culprit involved in stealing your attention and focus: those stinking badges.

Badges remain until you have dealt with them. They stand out like a sore thumb on your iOS devices, reminding you that there is something there that has to be dealt with. They draw you in and compel you to get rid of them, unlike banners and alerts that fade away. If you want to take a big step in improving your productivity on your iPhone and iPad, then implementing this hack will go a long way.

iphone Badges hack

To turn off badges, go into Settings
and then Notifications. After that, check each app that you’ve given access to Notifications and use the slider to turn badges off. It’s as simple as that. No more red badges staring you in the face. You’ll still get any notifications you deem essential, but they won’t distract you nearly as much.
(For Mail you’ll have to go in a bit deeper, but you can disable badges for every mail account you’ve got set up once you do – even VIP emails.)

You could go a step further and kill all sounds, but this one simple thing is the single best thing you can do to boost your productivity on your iPhone or iPad.
Now I know what you’re thinking:
“Kill all badges? Really?! Are you sure?”
And my answer is: yes.
But if you’re not ready to jump into the deep end, then here are the 3 apps I recommend you keep active and the 3 app I recommend you absolutely
turn off.
Keep badges on for these apps:
Phone. That way you know if you missed a call.
Messages. Same idea here. (Both of these communication methods are meant for instant connection, so that’s why keeping them on is more acceptable than say, Mail.)
Your Task Management App. This will keep you from missing any appointments or important tasks for the day (although if you create a habit of checking this first thing in the morning then the badge could be considered redundant.)
Turn badges off for these apps: Mail. It’s not at all necessary to have this staring you in the face every time you have an unread email in your inbox.
Game Center. This takes you away from the work you need to be doing on the device.
Social Networking Apps. Same as above.
So what are you waiting for? Use this simple productivity hack today and steal back some of that focus and attention you’ve been losing.

Download Tiny Wings Full Version for iPhone

Tiny wings is not just another one of those typical iPhone arcade games. It features birds who dreams of flying but their wings are tiny.

Tiny Wings iPhone Game

Tiny Wings iPhone Game Review

So, in order to fulfill their dreams you’ll need to use the hills as a platform and slide down and flap their wings to give them the sensation of flying. It’s a one button (one touch) game With incredible 2D graphics and many levels. The most fun side of this game is that it’ll look different every time you play. It’s been recently awarded as the game of the year by the APP STORE.

Main Features of Action Movie FS:
• simple but skillfull "one touch" for the dream of flying
• Now our world is chang every day - so it does follow this game.
• You have upgrade your nest for fulfilling the tasks
• every big jump over the ocean will bring you to new adventures on a new island
• Game Center and OpenFeint enabled with 30 tricky achievements
• cloudtouches for everyone

Requirements to run Tiny Wings on iPhone:
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later

Tiny Wings Games Overview:
Category: Games
Updated: Sep 21, 2011
Version: 1.1.3
Size: 10.2 MB
Language: English
Seller: Andreas Illiger

Screen Shots of Apple iPhone (Tiny Wings):

Tiny Wings Full Version for iPhone Tiny Wings Full Version for iPhone Tiny Wings Full Version for iPhone Tiny Wings Full Version for iPhone Tiny Wings Full Version for iPhone

Watch the Game Walk-through of (Tiny Wings):

Links to Free Download iPhone Game/App (Tiny Wings):

Tiny Wings Full Version for iPhone

Best 5 iPhone Apps to Watch Movies online

Movies are always favorites for everyone. For nowadays you don’t must have to go theater to watch movie. You can now watch Full movies, movies trailers, news, movies photos etc on iPhone through several iPhone Apps easily. Here are we listed such top 5 iPhone apps to watch movies on your iPhone.

Top iPhone Apps to watch online Movies

1. Netflix
Netflix is the most popular iPhone apps to watch movies. It is a part of Netflix website. You can easily watch movies and TV shows through this application on your iPhone.
 Netflix for iphone
Netflix for iphone app

 movie for iphone
movie for iphone
2. Movies by Flixster
Movies is an post popular iPhone apps to review movies trailers, can rate movies and see the upcoming movies on the box office. Movies iPhone apps developed by Flixster. You can also browse top box office films from this.
 IMDb movie for iphone
IMDb movie for iphone

3. IMDb Movies & TV

IMBD Movies & TV is one of great iphone apps to browse movies trailer, photos and rating your favorite movies. It lets you to access the world’s largest movie and TV show database with celebration info.

 Crackle movie for iphone
Crackle movie for iphone

4. Crackle: Movies & TV
Crackle is most demanded iPhone apps who lets you to watch full movies on iPhone and it is totally free. It also brigs you lots of TV shows to watch iPhone. Don’t miss to download Crackle iPhone apps on your iPhone.
 Disney movie for iphone
Disney movie for iphone

5. Disney Movies

This is the official Walt Disney Studio’s iPhone apps to explore All Disney’s movies trailers, review and tickets to your iPhone. You can also purchase Blu-ray, DVD, tickets of your favorite Disney movies.

You can download this Best 5 iPhone Apps to Watch Movies from the AppStore.