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Zenonia is a RPG game by Gamevil. $5.99

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The long awaited RPG by Gamevil has finally made its way onto the App Store. Zenonia has sold extremely well in Korea with it being download over 600,000 onto various mobile phones. With over 40 hours of gameplay, it was interesting to see if it is a step above the competitors. After just 30 minutes of playing the game, I can safely say YES! Zenonia is an amazing game that provides some big aspects that RPG games have been lacking on the App Store.

The best graphics in a RPG game on the App Store before Zenonia would have to be Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor by Com2Us. Zenonia blows those graphics out of the water with a game that would do a DS game proud. The anime characters are superbly done with many animations and cheerful nature. The many environments coupled with the great day/night feature in are super detailed and the graphics department in Gamevil definitely deserve a huge high five for their work. Gamevil has done well to make sure the game is very stable with no lag what so ever. In previous builds before its release the game was super unstable and lagged quite a bit, but has been fixed. The animations in Zenonia are quick and with the way they have incorporated some fighting tactics makes it alot easier for the player.

At the moment the controls in Zenonia would be its achilles heel. The D-Pad is very easy to use but at times a small finger flip will send you walking in a totally different direction. Double tapping the D-Pad in one direction gives you a ’short’ boost of speed that can throw you into opponents. I found out the hard way but it eats up your SP very quickly, which I will get to later. To attack you just press the attack button over and over again to use whatever weapon you currently have, no matter whether you are an Assassin or another type of character. The smart thing in Zenonia is that you will turn and attack your nearest opponent which is a very handful this to have when the D-Pad hasn’t been perfected. Special moves can be added to quick slots below your status bar and when touched unleash the special move of the particular icon. This works well but the icons are very small and is obviously brought straight over from the mobile, like the menu screen.

With Zenonia being a surprisingly 10mb download you can’t really expect much sound in the game. There is a Pokemon like tune that runs throughout the whole game and Regreat (The Character) makes a high pitched squeal when he attacks. There isn’t much sound obviously and this is a game to play silently or just jam to your own tracks.

A great storyline that is almost Fable-like where you can choose whether to be good and fight for the Guild of Light or evil and fight for the Guild of Dark. The graphics remind me of the well known Zelda games and the city travelling has a Pokemon aspect in it. The storyline is prominent in the game for the entire time, and seems to be better than Chronicles of Inotia, Dungeon & Hero and Vay. This game just feels easier to pick up and play than the other RPG’s on my iPhone. There seems to be more quests and less time grinding for no purpose in the game, something that threw me off other RPG games. Zenonia is more casual gamer friendly, but may become a bit dry in later hours of the game. I better put down the game so I can actually write this review already!

The basic storyline in Zenonia is you fight for either the good or evil Guild and need to help fight against the opposite clan. You (Regret) wakes up and a dragon had come to your town so you flee to the town of Adonis. There you must do many main and side quests to what I assume is defeat the Clan. I have only played through 5-6 hours of Zenonia as a Good warrior and have no idea what is to come ahead.

Most RPG’s have a game style of Grind, Grind, Grind, Mission, Grind, Grind and Grind. Zenonia put the fun back into grinding as the many side quests don’t even make you realize that you are in fact grinding. Having many cities between the various areas means that it feels more like a Zelda/Pokemon game rather than a basic RPG. The storyline is strong and really grows on you.

I’m not sure if the original writers were Australian, but if not they sure should be. The game is absolutely hilarious with some of the things said in this game. Some saying heard from various characters are:

  • “It would never work, I’m just a NPC”

  • “I’m sure this side quest is some crazy story from one of the developers”

  • “How would I know what that was, I only just started playing this game”

They aren’t the exact words, but time and time again these one liners give me a little chuckle. This certainly lightens the mood of the gameplay. Most of the time you will be whacking and smacking all of the monsters and various creatures that come and attack you. It is sometimes quite hard to fight back as these anime characters are just so cute! Everytime the big cute teddy bear attacks me I run away so I don’t have to see it die.

I could go on for ever about some of the things in this game, but they are better experience for yourself. An amazing game that is not only a true RPG for serious gamers, but will also provide long lasting entertainment for those more casual gamers. For $5.99 this is incredible value, probably being one of the longest games on the App Store with Puzzle Quest, which is $7.99. The amazing graphics, animation and gameplay of Zenonia will bring you back time after time. This game could put alot of RPG’s on other devices like the Gameboy and possibly DS to shame with how good it is. Seriously guys, if you don’t buy this then you are missing out!

Gameplay- 10/10

Graphics- 10/10

Sound- 8/10

Overall- 9.5/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor

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